I focused on creating consistence look and feel across the brand on mobile, web and redesign all the marketing materials as well. I searched for possible new feature, I have been hypothesising and prototyping while pushing the boundaries toward finding the right process what puts user needs in the middle. 
I mainly worked on the user interface and solved major problems shaping the user experience. I created artworks, icons, presentations and prototypes to test and validate ideas. I built and consistently updated the design library and shaped it regarding on outcomes, so by doing that we became efficient and consistence. We saved time and resources. I supported for the teams shaping the service reach its full potential and to focus on undertanding users to build better product they really need and like.
Alongside the web app I worked on the iOS app as well. The goal was that make it correspond with the clear and simple style I have been shaping and add new features either existed or completely new ones to make it an answer for locum doctor needs planning their professional and financial life daily basis. I started versioning what made the process easy and faster to iterate. Users can sign up, update their personal details and keep their documents secure, search and apply for sessional locus jobs and create invoices after sessions completed.
Sign Up
The benefit orientated onboarding explains business offers, differentiates user sign up by location for better supply-demand match. It allows users upload their documents to get them verified through the app and later they can easily update them if necessary.
Userflow for iOS v1.3
My Profile​​​​​​​
Users can update their personal informations, upload documents and their profile picture.  Next to 'Find a job' and 'My jobs', this feature started shape the app a standalone toolkit for locum doctors managing their professional life. The 'Payment Details' is part of the billing process so users can set up and keep up to date the details required for create invoices using the app. That makes payment cycle faster and more accurate doing.
My Invoices
This features has made the app a stand alone, full funcional tool for doctors finding and invoicing their sessional jobs easy and quick as possible. After the session a doctor can either create an invoices or update the timesheet before invoice creation, avoiding dispute process. The notification system helps keep everything in line.
Post a job
A session as an item created by the practice manager using the web app.
My Sessions
The calendar view helps practice managers manage their rotas. Clear indicators, appealing UI and simplified UX makes this page a most visited.
It was a great challenge for the team to find the best solution what meets business needs and satisfy users as well. Users can update timesheets before invoice creaton for avoid invoice dispute. Doctors getting paid faster and practice managers feel safe all on its track.
My circles
As an address book practice managers can easily search and manage their contact.
Shared libraries
Shared and constantly updated library helped to make the product consistance and saved time and resources. I designed icons, artworks, so on shaping the visual language of the brand. UI and the component library speeded up the prototyping, so validating ideas.
Blue, white and grey. Simple and clean.
Marketing materials
Image Gallery
Network Locus made time on every Friday for TED like talks. When I joined I put this presentation together explaining why Creative Cloud would be a great collaborations platform to use.
User centric approach • Design thinking • Category, list, details • Content in context • Iterate on evidence • Consistence design  • Versioning • New style guide • Think big, start small • Solving business problems together • Validate ideas

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