I’m a Ux/UI and Visual designer with more then 10 years Graphic Design and Branding experience. I'm a great information architect, a pixel pusher and curve bender, prototypes just come to being like thunders.
Sketch, Photoshop, Indesing, Illustrator, Invision, After Effects, Mac OS, iOS are my great old friends and allies. 
I’m a problem definier and solver, an artist, a thinker and my curiosity and imagination spreads like green leaves on a tree during springtime. I’m straight forward and honest. I believe in that we are equal, we are brothers and sisters of each other, so lets get together and make the world a better place
I fall in love with every little thing, I respect every living being and support those are on their path and help those are not, smile is my superpower. I'm self taught and proud of it.
Observe. Understand. 
Visulise. Get feedback.
Outcomes? Measure them.
Decide on evidence. Iterate. 
Simple magic.
I have spent almost 3 years as a UX/UI Designer in London working on great projects such as the Ford GT 2017 and Triumph Street Triple HMI integrations as a UI/Interaction designer and 2d animator and several mobile applications as a UX/UI designer such as Jaguar-Land Rovers Memo, Drinkaware and Talentsee iOS and Android applications and so on. 
Network Locum that gave me an opportunity not just pushing boundaries as a visionary, but as Ux/Ui and Graphic designer creating a product, a brand what gives answer for user needs on every aspect with high efficiency. My previous experiences helped me support the team to shape the brand and the product be consistent and sustainable. The result of that is a closed circle.
Before London for over 3 years I designed, branded and managed over 40 products, cosmetics and food supplements, I put dozens presentations together and supported community members. I designed marketing materials and took care of them. Before that I worked as a Digital, Graphic and  Motion Designer for more then 8 years.
For making great decisions we have to be well informed and should have enough plasticity and creativity to fill the empty space as water fills the glass
"Attila is a rare flower. He's got amazing visual design talent, which fuels from an innate creativity. I'm so happy I got to work alongside him, it was so inspiring to watch him develop a visual design language. He works so hard, going above and beyond what is asked for at every turn. His ability to quickly grasp complex user goals and flows and to move between projects was admirable, and he's always developing his interaction design abilities. 
Attila is a great visual communicator, and his eagerness to make and release good product quickly was always evident. I hope the best for him in all his future endeavors!"

"Working with Attila at Conjure has been a real pleasure, he has a strong creative vision and an excellent attitude that has earned him respect not only internally but with our clients. His willingness to challenge himself and learn new tools has also seen him create some of our most visually innovative and impressive works, and it's been great to have him on the team."

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